Poultry Meal

Poultry Meal
Data sheet

Product leaflet

This product is the result of cooking, pressing and grinding of poultry offal. The inclusion of heads and feet is permitted. It must not contain feathers except for those few which might unintentionally get added. Incubatory residue and materials which are strange to product’s composition are also prohibited. Product must not present contamination by egg shells.

Product designation: Poultry
Physical form of presentation: Caramel-colored meal
Packaging details: Product is packaged in raffia bags and piled over raised platforms at cool room temperature.
Composition: 100% poultry offal

Assurance levels

    min 55%
    max 8%
  • DIGESTIBILITY IN PEPSIN 1:10.000 a 0,2% em HCL 0.075N
    min 60%
    min 10%
  • ACIDITY em MEQ de NaoH 0,1 N/100g
    max 3%
    max 13%
    max 5%
    min 1,5%


  • Usage specifications and recommended animal species: Product used in the composition of animal feed and animal diets for monogastric organisms, mostly in poultry and pork farming and partly in pet food.
  • User guide: User guides are customized in accordance to each client’s standards and technical orientations.
  • Validity term: 6 (six) months
  • Ideal Storage conditions: Product must be stored on raised platforms in clean areas at cool room temperature away from walls and direct sunlight. Platforms should be arranged separately by product type and in accordance to internal traceability procedures.
  • Further restrictions and recommendations: The use of this product on ruminants is prohibited.